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Images from the Ripon College photograph collection from the 1890s through the 2000s

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Football team, 1892
Victor Palmer, John Wrighte, Morse, John Stout, Phil Leahy, J.D. Bill, F.W. Hebulein, Harry Parms Buthel, A. Dunbar, Fred Seldon, Rob Morris, W. G. Hitchcock

Football team, 1893
1. Morris, 2. Gill, 3. Heberlein, 4. Williams, 5. Jones, 6. Morrison, 7. Morse, 8. McGovran, 9. Evans, 10. J. Gill, 11. Campbell, 12. Palmer, 13. Hitchcock, 14. Holgren 15. Fuller, 16. Newcomb, 17. R. Morris. 18. Foat, 19. Selden, 20. Davidson

Football players, 1898
Three football players posing

Members of First Football team 1891
Car in parade with sign on door reading: Sam Pedrick, Center, Fred Selden Quarterback, Charlie Dunbar, Halfback, "We beat Lawrense in the 90s, you can do it now!"

Football team, 1891
First Ripon College football team

Football team, 1896
Foot Ball Team '96. J.R. Thomas, P. Heahy, H.L. Jamieson, J.S. Foat, E.P. Holgren, P.J. Thompson, E.E. Sargeant, Mgr., J.D. Gill, R. Morris, Prof. F.M. Erickson, L. Reed, S. Evans, W.D. Williams, F.E. Shepherd, C.H. Meyst, W.C. Hitchcock, Capt., A.E.…

Football team, 1902
Kneeling: 1. ___, 2. Morsteem, 3. Gifford, 4. ___, 5. R. Sihole, 6. W.H. Thompson, 7. M.M. Newcumb, 8. ___, 9. H. Thomas, 10. A. Clowson, 11. D. Bruins, 12 V. Krotethin, Sitting: 1. ___, 2. Slimort, 3. R. Langdon, 4. W. O. Lamb, 5. A Batthy, 6. E.R.…

Three football players
L-R, Swetland, F.B., Smith (Capt.), Kayser (L.T.)

Football team, 1910
The 1910 shows off the game ball after their hard-fought victory over their fiercest rival. Notice the coach in the upper left corner wearing the Wisconsin "W." During the early years, Ripon often employed a recent Wisconsin grad with football…

1927 Ripon College Football Team
Ripon College Football Squad

Football Game in 1927
Game in 1927

Freshman Football Team 1927
Frosh Football Squad - Ripon

1928 Ripon College Football Team
1928 Ripon College Football Squad: I: Cole, Schmidt, Habeckorn, Schafer, Junghaus, Janks., Aichter, Defley Powell

Homecoming Game
#14 Crimson

Richardson ('29) Crouches
Normen Richardson, Class of 1929

Murchie ('28) Kicks
Gordon Murchie, Ex '28?

Hauser ('27) Crouches
#84 - Crimson

Bahrs ('29) Carries Ball
Arno Bahrs, Class of 1929

Aaron Clifton
Aaron Clifton

Melvin Ure
Melvin Ure

Anderson ('28) Crouches
Charles Olaf Anderson, Class of 1928

James Utter ('28)
James Utter, Class of 1928

Kenneth Martin
Kenneth Martin ?

1927 Ripon College Football Team
Ripon College Football Squad

1920 Ripon College Football Team
Football Team, 1920

1924 Ripon College Football Team
Ripon Commonwealth, O.A. Luck

1927 Freshman Football Squad
Frosh Football - '27

1921 Ripon College Football Team
From Ripon Commonwealth, Ripon, Wis.

1927 Ripon College Football Team
Ripon College Football Squad

1927 Ripon College Football Team (Cropped)
Football squad - Ripon College

Roland Hippert
Roland Hippert, Ripon College
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